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Thank you for visiting,


Welcome to Katiebell Illustration, it's lovely to have you here.

Would you like a cup of tea and a quick look round? 

I am currently available for illustration work including cover art, story maps, spot illustration, full page spreads, picture books and much more please email me at

I would love to hear more about your project!

With warmth, 


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Who is Katiebell?

I am an artist, author and illustrator from Melbourne Australia.


Although I am already a professional artist, I am illustrating under the name Katiebell, a teenage nickname given to me due to the bells in my hair and my laugh. I have a love for nature and started illustrating while sitting out in our garden when my son was a baby. I always imagined illustrating more one day. 

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I grew up in an unconventional family, living and travelling in the UK and Australia and travelling in Europe. We grew up exploring castles and ruined buildings everyday, it was an adventurous childhood.


I became a parent young and raised my son as a single parent, while I studied art at uni, started and ran a community gallery and had a lot of fun.

I have been a professional artist for 30 years, held twenty solo shows and been in thirty group exhibitions. I studied fine art for over ten years where I majored in Drawing and now have a Masters in Fine Art. I make everything from large-scale drawings and oil paintings to projection installation. My artwork is held in collections both in Australia and overseas.


If. you would like to see my fine art, please have a look here. I am currently artist in residence at CERES environment park in Brunswick Melbourne


I come from a family of artists and authors.


I knew I was going to be an artist from age four and always imagined illustrating my own books one day. Last year I became a young grandma and it feels like the time is ripe to make my illustration work again!

I make work from my home studio, my artist residency at CERES and by the creeks and rivers of Melbourne, with my faithful dog Sundi by my side. 

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