Katiebell – Trin'dara Map Tonal - Small.jpg

Tonal Artwork

melbourne Artist Illustrator 

One of my favourite ways for working is with pencil, as drawing is my first love.

I especially love drawing maps, creating fantasy worlds and characters. 


A personal obsession with architecture, history and humanity fuels many of my drawings. I find world building a real joy.

Much of my artwork speaks to a deep and soulful human experience. 

You can see more of my fine art here.

Katiebell – Trin'dara Map Tonal - Med.jpg
Trin'dara Campsite.Katiebell.Small.Copyright2019 3.jpg
The Flower King.Katiebell.Copyright.Small.jpg
When the FIre Came. Window image.Katiebell.Small.jpg
When the Fire Came – Rita and Kano image.Katiebell.small.jpg

Most of these illustrations here are from my own, yet unpublished books. If you would like to know more please let me know.